Adam Fayed

Founder and Managing Director

Originally from the UK, Adam has been overseas since 2011.  In that time, he has helped expats and locals in over a hundred countries with investments and financial planning.  

The most read financial author on with 303.2 million views, and regularly featured in the press including on Business Insider, Adam’s vision is to remove hassles, complexities and bureaucracy for clients.  

International AMG aims to be the most painless, convenient and efficient firm to deal with in the international space. 

Client Interviews/Reviews

Tom in Germany :

A client in Dubai :

Nikolaos from Greece:

Here are six recommendations of twenty eight you will find on Adam Fayed’s LinkedIn profile here:

“Adam, You’ve ever been professional. always keen to find out the best tailored solution adjusted to my needs and requirements. It was really a pleasure to have been one of your customer during the 5 last years in Cambodia.

Philippe Lequeux


“After speaking to one of his existing clients, I decided to go ahead in January. Subsequently my accounts have performed well, up by about 7% so far this year, and I am satisfied with the advice given.”

Ankur Pogula

“Adam is detailed-oriented and I was very comfortable prior to and after the purchase of my policies and other products from him. He was straight-forward and to-the-point; I know he was always looking out after my best interests.”

Chris Wieners

“My experience with Adam has been very pleasant ever since I’ve met him last year. He helped me roll out of a painful Friends Provident experience as well as bad advice from Globaleye and other Dubai based financial consultants Adam has really grasped my life aspirations and short, medium and long term goals for my family and I and he has gladly aligned to them. Adam is very pleasant to deal with and he has the patience to deal with a very busy person like me. Not always have I been nice with him (unwillingly of course) but he has always been very polite and nice with me helping me out of a very painful 8 years in the past. I cannot believe how I fell for it, but thanks to Adam I’m now out of it. I was paying too much fees before but the most painful part was that I did not expand my wealth. In just 1 year now with Adam I can really see the potential and the huge difference. The best thing is that he’s very pragmatic, sincere, he will not overpromise but put things into perspective, highlight the risks as well as the benefits. Highly recommended, young, aspirated, committed and motivated person to help his customers build their wealth at a fast pace. I would like to wish Adam all the best in his professional journey and try to change as many people’s lives as possible. Because at the end this is what it’s all about. Touching as many people’s lives as possible and having a positive impact in this world. Greetings from Dubai.“

Anastasios Peppas


“Since working with Adam, he has met and surpassed my expectations of working with financial advisors. From the very beginning, I have been very impressed with his competence not only with his wise and skillful placement of my money but also his very professional organization. Adam takes an appropriate interest in one’s personal life situation while at the same time keeping focused on identified goals. Honest, reliable, ethical and highly recommended. See less“

Gaelle Tresallet


“You can talk with Adam about your finances in a relaxed and open way. His suggestions suit the financial situation and he tells me about market changes. He’s open for all questions and summarized a chill guy.“

Natalie Pöllitzer